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Libertine Lovers is an Adult Sensory Experience where you are the Star


1. a person, who freely indulges in sensual pleasure

2. a freethinker

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3. characterized by free indulgence in sensual pleasures.

4. freethinking

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Blog posts

  • We know you want a little taste, before your meal

    By Leni Wilde

    Would you like a little taste?

    Here is a snippet from the Erotic Short Story-

    Debauchery Dinner Party- by Leni Wilde


  • Fantasy Role Play Inspiration (Part 1)

    By Leni Wilde

    Dear Lover  Do you need some inspiration for a Fantasy Role Play Scenario? Remember, there are no rules (within reason) and no judgement. This is a safe, consentual private space to explore your sexuality and to discover what does truly...

  • Libertine Lovers Launch

    By Leni Wilde

    Believe me, it is just as much fun for me to write to you as it is for me to know you are about to read all the dirty intense details of how we have fucked each other senseless, and all of those words of pure hedonist pleasure..... about to enter your brain, your blood, your skin, your heart, your throbbing rock hard cock...your dripping wet pussy!

    Now you need me! Now I need you.....

    You need to feel, you need hear, you need to understand how much I mean every one of my words to you....

    And you desperately need to know what happens next...

    You need Libertine Lovers!