Libertine Lovers are the creators of custom designed erotic love letters to fulfil fantasy & role play scenarios. 

Libertinism was described as as form of hedonism and is our inspiration for Libertine Lovers. 

The Libertine Philosophy of the 18th Century rejected sexual restraints of society and put value on physical pleasures experienced through the senses. 

Unfortunately Society still puts restraints on sexual expression, sexual confidence and equality. We believe when our sexuality is neglected, ignored or denied it can negatively influence many parts of our life balance, relationships, health and wellbeing. 

Sexual wellness and exploration in the modern age is just as important now and it is our human right to embrace, discover and understand who we are individually and within our relationships, as healthy sexual beings. 

Libertine Lovers wish to create a safe, equal, discreet, non-judgemental space and a creative outlet of sexual expression. 

We have chosen the written word, as did our Libertine's, to seduce you and bring to life your deepest desires, fantasy or fetish. 

Let us un-inhibit you and take you to a new level of intensity to truly feel alive! Our written erotic adventures may be exactly what you are looking for. 

We are advocates of the Adult Industry who understand the importance and power of pleasure. 

Your Libertine Companion is the person who will write your Love Letters or Short Story and personalise it with your desired Fantasy Role Play scenario. Just for you!

Predominantly yes, but not in all cases.

We are advocates of the Adult Industry and we hope this platform will help to support the Adult Industry.

Our objective is to offer Written Erotica which is accessible to all Adults.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Safety is incredibly important to us and we will take extra measures to ensure it's effectiveness.

We collect your email address, and postal address purely to communicate directly, to schedule and deliver our Services. This information is never shared with a 3rd Party.

This is a custom personalised service, therefore it is important that our Writer Companion's have sufficient time to be creative and deliver a quality service to meet and exceed your expectations.

Please indicate on your Service Form if you have a specific timeframe request.

Absolutely fine, but if you are interested and wish to explore, we can provide some Fantasy Role Play inspiration.

Check out our first Blog for some ideas, with more Blogs on this subject to follow.

It does often help to have a back-story in mind, however if you are happy for complete Creative Freedom we can provide something super hot for you.

If you prefer more Vanilla, that is absolutely fine too.

Libertine Lovers will ask questions on your Service Form when you place your order.

Don't forget to fill out your form before Check-out. But don't worry if you do, we will send you a link to the Service Form to complete so we can get started.

Libertine Lovers is planning to expand our Services and Affiliates in the future.

If you subscribe to Libertine Lovers (via the Home page), you will be the first to know when we announce new service offerings.

We don't offer Physical services, however as some of our Companions do operate in the Adult Industry, and if the Companion chooses to share their Profile with you, you do have the optin to contact them outside of this platform, but only with their written consent.

Often the Companion will use the same Stage Name, so you may reach out to them via external Advertising Platforms.

We are also exploring accessibility options using other mediums to provide our Written Services, including Audio.

Stay tuned for more info to come.

Yes, for Privacy, Confidentiality and Safety reasons, this is essential.

All Companions on Libertine Lovers will only use a Stage name and won't share their real identity with you. This should be respected at all times.

This also applied to Clients who would prefer to use a preferred name.

We take this very seriously, and if is not respected, it will result in you being blocked from our platform.

If you prefer a Companion to be called by another name as part of your Fantasy, please provide information on your Service Form.

Yes, and that would be wonderful.

You have the option to Tip when ordering the Service, which is a great incentive for your Companion.

However we understand you may wish to Tip after receiving the Service, because we know you will be blown away!

Options are to Tip on Check-out or you will have the option to Tip when we send you a Survey to rate your Libertine Lovers experience.

The full Tip amount is passed onto your Companion from Libertine Lovers.

Thank-you for your generiosity.

We are everywhere!

Out goal is to be everywhere across the globe with your ongoing love and valued support.

We are based in Sydney, Australia, but offer all our Services Internationally.

The language of love is never a barrier, which is why we are currently looking into translation services too.

We offer English language initially. Please contact us if you are interested in translation services.

We are also planning audio options in the future.

We value your feedback and will be very sorry to hear if you are not happy. We also really appreciate when your feedback is respectful and constructive.

There is effort on behalf of the Companion to prepare and get into character to write and deliver your Service, and unfortunately time is not something we can exchange or refund.

We are conscious of supporting our ongoing growth, reputation and ability to accurately match Companions with the Client for their requested Fantasy Role Play.

So p[ease don't hesitate to let us know if it wasn't the right fit and we'll take action to correct that for you the next time.

We also ask both the Client and Companion to give a rating on their Libertine Lovers experience so we can continue to make improvements and deliver a high value service.

Libertine Lovers is a platform for fun! We are generaly not Vanilla, which means some limits will consentually be explored as part of Role Play.

However, we do expect everyone using our platform to abide by our Policies on Respect, Equality, Diversity, Harrassment, Anti-Discrimination, Legal and Safety.

If this is not adhered to, it will result in you immediately being blocked from our website, platform and all communication channels.

We don't tolerate paedophilia, beastiality or unconcensual violence which hasn't been agreed with limits as part of BDSM Role Play.

Any boundaries that are not respected between the Client and Libertine Lover Companion will not be tolerated. Those boundaries may vary based on the individual, which is why completing the Service Form is important to ensure we match the Client to the right Companion.

Any serious matters will also be reported to the Police.

Yes! Absolutely and we would love to hear from you!

Please register your interest via the Be a Writer link (also appears on our Footer) and we will be in touch discuss how yiu can be part of the Libertine Lovers experience.

We ask both the Client and Companion to give a rating on your Libertine Lovers experience so we can continue to make improvements and deliver a high value service.

We will send you a Survey after you have received your Love Letters or Story.

All respectful feedback is welcome.

We also really appreciate it when you tell your friends about Libertine Lovers so we can grow and more people can feel the health and wellbeing benefits of Eroticism.

With your ongoing support, it will enable us to offer more Services.

Your Love Letter or Short Story is yours to keep, however the content is still protected by Copyright Laws.

This means that the content cannot be published or shared or used for commercial purposes.

If you do discover our content is being used in this way, please contact us immediately so we can take steps to remove and address this with Authorities.