· By Leni Wilde

We know you want a little taste, before your meal

We also write Erotic Short Stories... just for us....because we can't get enough of Erotica and love to continue to ignite our writing juices with hot themes and incredibly hot dirty words.....

This allows us to be in the zone and be ready to write your Libertine Lovers Custom Love Letter or Custom Short Story. 

Would you like a little taste?

Here is a snippet from the Erotic Short Story-

Debauchery Dinner Party- by Leni Wilde


"....We had the room to ourselves, and it seemed a little more secluded tucked around the corner, but with the open-door policy, we were sure to have an audience watching us before long.

The moment we walked through the door, we started to kiss like crazy. He pushed me against the wall as we grabbed at each other desperately, uncontrollably, driven by pure lust.  

His strong hands grabbed at my breasts and then he started kissing and licking my neck……ooohhhhh…. hitting my erogenous zones immediately. I could feel myself getting wet already, with excitement and eagerness to be ravaged by this beautiful human being and of course is rock hard cock, which I could feel bulging from his pants...."

Would you love to read the full story? OMG....you are in for a treat...

Please contact us and request the story on >>  https://libertinelovers.com/pages/contact

Love Libertine Lovers X




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