· By Leni Wilde

Fantasy Role Play Inspiration (Part 1)

Dear Lover 

Do you need some inspiration for a Fantasy Role Play Scenario?

Remember, there are no rules (within reason) and no judgement. This is a safe, consentual private space to explore your sexuality and to discover what does truly turn you on....it might even be something you didn't imagine. 

This blog is Part 1 of a series...because...the various types of Role Play scenario's are endless...

Let's see if any of these are jumping out for you? We would love to hear!

  1. Threesome experience (FFM or MMF)
  2. Sex on a Plane
  3. Boss and Employee
  4. Had sex with my Teacher
  5. Maid or Butler Duties
  6. Fucked the Barman
  7. Hands-on Sex Therapy with my Psychologist
  8. Best Friends turned Lovers
  9. Sex with the Tradie
  10. I got arrested and then got off (literally)
  11. Sex Parties and the Swinger Scene
  12. I met a Porn Star
  13. My Wife and I got an Escort
  14. School Girl or Boy and the Principal
  15. Invited to the Dungeon
  16. Spanked by the Mistress
  17. The Voyeur
  18. Dominant and Submissive Play
  19. Gang Bang
  20. The Masseuse

Oooohhhhhh....YES....to ALL Please Sir....

Love Libertine Lovers X



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