· By Leni Wilde

Did someone say Role Play?

Dear Lover 

My ears always prick up when I am fortunate enough to get into character and participate in a Role Play scenario!

OMG.....so much fun! I love it.....

And I also love to weave many different types of Role Play scenarios, characters and locations into my Love Letters. There are no boundaries of where we can go....

We can travel to another country, we can meet at a hot new bar or restaurant, we can go back in time to a different era.... 

We can introduce toys, people, parties, outfits...

The world is truly your oyster!

And of course, everyone is different, there are no rules. And it is completely private between you and your Libertine Lovers Companion. 

You may have a 'Go to' scenario that keeps playing out in your head....that you keep going back to and reliving in your head... it because it turns you on so much, or maybe it's comforting and familiar.

These thoughts are part of you, part of your DNA, even if you haven't actually experienced it in real life, they are alive and exist in your mind and dreams.

It is part of your subconscious and something fun we can explore together....there is a reason you keep having these thoughts, which desperately need to be fulfilled.

Let's create your scenario and let's see if dreams can come true!

If you are keen to incorporate a Role Play scenario into your Libertine Lovers service, please provide all the details on the form when you place your order.

We'll be in touch and can go over any extra questions we may have so we can get prepared, get into character and start writing for you. 

Love Libertine Lovers X



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